WKHS Virtual Calm Cafe


WKHS Calm Cafe Mission
& History

Life can be overwhelming, anxiety invoking and stressful. 

Sometimes we all need a healthy space to escape.

Calm Cafe is a movement and mission for all students and staff in our WKHS family to have a safe space to feel emotionally supported, build skills of regulation & learn to nurture our calm centers through restorative and mindfulness practices. 

In our building we share a physical space, virtually we can now share this space too.

In the 2018-19 school year a group of dedicated students and staff worked together to create a safe space for students to use to regulate emotions, decompress and find a way to connect with others in a meaningful manner.

This virtual space is meant for students and families to use as a simple resource,

it is periodically updated but not regularly monitored. 

If you need further mental health resource linkage, please visit our WKHS School Counselor website by connecting below.


Creative Credits

This website has been inspired by the collaborative efforts of an OSU CSW student and instructor as well as resources maintained by WKHS School Counselors.

Special recognition goes out to the school counselors and social workers of the Wayzata Public Schools & Osseo Public Schools & ISD 196

Please address questions related to the site to mwessell@wscloud.org

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Yoga by the Ocean

Regulation Resources 



Explore is a great website with many different livecam links to places in the natural world that we can visit from afar. 

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Calm is a simplistic source that uses fundamentals of mindfulness to reduce anxiety, improve sleep, and help to build self-esteem. 

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Change to Chill

Change to Chill has many resources to learn about causes of stress and ways to successfully cope and manage sypmtoms. 

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Headspace is an app that guides mindfulness skills for everyday life so that you may move more, stress less and sleep soundly. 

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Smiling Mind

The Smiling Mind is a program and resources for families to foster and build positive mental health habits together.

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My LIfe......
Stop, Think & Breathe

Stop, Breathe & Think challenges you to check in with how you're feeling, and try short activities tuned to your emotions.


Sandbox Coloring

The Sandbox Coloring App utilizes pixel art to work on fine motor skills and patience. The rewards of coloring without the paper!



InsightTimer is known to have one of the largest free library of guided meditations on Earth!


Pigment True Coloring 

Pigment True Coloring offers the chance to discover a world of color, relaxation, and creativity.

Need more??

Please be on the lookout for more general MH resources for youth and families to come as our website grows.

Please note that the links may contain advertisements and recommended videos that are not endorsed by those maintaining this website or the school district.


"For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack"

-Rudyard Kipling